Resetting XBMC/KODI on Android TV Boxes

If for some reason your XBMC/KODI  is not working properly, either freezing or  you are receiving script errors or you just want to clear data in order to install our iTecHeaven Wizard  Build  please take the following steps:



1. Click on -Settings-Other-More Settings


2. Click on Apps- Xbmc or Kodi and select Clear Data

On the home screen click settings > apps > scroll down and click on XBMC /Kodi > clear data.



2.You can do a factory reset on your device to bring your device back to the same way you first got your unit (this should only be carried out if you a pulsating blue X on the start up screen as this indicates the software on your device is recoverable).

Please go to  – settings backup and restore  factory wipe data – now confirm you want to do a complete wipe.

Your device will now reboot – it can take up to 10 minuets to get all your apps back after a reset.

Leave your device on and all apps will appear.