i68效果图.cdrMobile processors have become so good at showing high quality video without lag or stuttering. In 2014 Google announced Android TV, with Android TV Android users can watch their favourite soaps, live sports, stream their favourite movies and more. This fantastic TV Box is one of the latest offerings. This is a quick review of this exciting new product with full technical specs at the bottom.



The iTecHeaven i68 RK3368 Octa Core Android 5.1 TV BOX uses the newest Rockchip, RK3368 chip. Rockchip, RK3368 chip is the first 8 core, 64bits chip to be used in an Android TV box. This chip represents a big breakthrough in the Android TV Box market.

Operating System

The box comes with the newest Android operating system, Android 5.1 Lollipop. Android is an operating system developed by Google and Lollipop 5.1 is their latest version of it. Lollipop has a redesigned user interface, you can learn more about it here.


Like with Android 4.4 and earlier, this Android version 5.1 TV box is pre-installed with common software like Google Play, Calculator, Photo browsing, File manager, Video Playback, Music Playback, Neflix, Kodi, etc. When bought from iTecheaven the box also comes with BlueSteelTV Installer more on that in a bit.

4K Video playback

This box supports 4K2K video output, support HEVC/H.265 format, you can set-up the 4K video output in the settings panel. The default setting means that you do not need to set-up anything, if you play the 4K video on a 4K TV or screen the box will automatically set-up the format as 4K output, following is the HEVC 4K video test show.


As mentioned above Kodi is pre-installed on this Android TV box. The default KODI is 15.0

BlueSteelTV Installer

When bought from iTecheaven the box comes with a very simple easy to use instructions and a video link of how to unleash the very best KODI experience using  BlueSteelTV Installer. This  KODI program add-on will enable you to set your  KODI Android TV box up with all the best add-ons, skins and repos. BlueSteelTV Installer even includes some add-on fixes that other users will have to install manually. Within minutes your Android TV box will set-up, professionally custom configured and you will have all your favourite add-ons. The BlueSteelTV Installer includes add-on to watch movies, live television, TV shows, sports and more. This is a new box and Lollipop 5.1 has been out a while but may have some updates, etc.

See the full specifications for this great Android TV box below:
Model: i68
System: Android 5.1 OS
Chip: Rockchip RK3368 64bits Octa core Cortex A53
Flash: 8GB eMMC Flash (support extension)
Video Output: 4K, support HEVC/H.265 Video resolution
WiFi: 2.4GHz+ 5GHz (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n)
HDMI: 2.0
Bluetooth: 4.0
Expand Memory: Micro SD Card (Maximum support 64GB)
Language: Multi -language
Dimension: 120*120*24mm
Button: 1*Power Button + Operating system updates(via USB port/TF Card Slot)
UI: Support Android 5.1 original ecology and ROOFULL custom UI