This is a review of the MXQ Pro S905 Android 5.1 KODI TV Box. The TV box comes with all the expected accessories and ports, some of the Box’s features include: Ethernet cable, HDMI, AV cables, micro SD card, USB hard drive, USB webcam, and a USB hub with two RF dongles. The IR remote control works as it should and requires two AAA batteries.

Booting up the box

When connected to the power; and the power button on the top of the box is switched on, a blue LED turns off, the “Google TV” icon appears and in a little more than 40 seconds the boot completes. The MXQ Pro S905 is not quite as fast as higher RK3288 TV boxes (20s) but it’s much better than the boot time on EM6Q-MXQ (1m 50s).

User Interface

The user interface is the Android Home screen, but you are able to switch to the MediaBox launcher with a Metro-style user interface which is found in many Amlogic S90X TV boxes, by going to the “Home” section in Android settings. The box will automatically select 1080p60 Hz video output and the user interface resolution is 1920×1080 as you can infer from the screenshot above.

The “Setting” menu is based on the same Metro-style interface as EM6Q-MXQ with four sub menus: Network, Display, Advanced and Other. There’s no component (YPbPr) output in this box.

The MXQ Pro S905 Android 5.1 KODI TV Box is equipped with an 8GB NAND flash with a single partition 8GB. The system runs Android 5.1 on top of Linux kernel 3.10.33, the Android operating system means this box comes pre-installed with common software like Google Play, Video Playback, Music Playback, Neflix, Calculator, Photo browsing, File manager, Kodi and more.


There might be a few apps like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Translate that are not compatible with this device. It’s often possible to work around these issues by spoofing your device name with an app (paid), or changing build.prop.

BlueSteelTV Installer

When bought from iTecheaven the box comes with a very simple easy to use instructions and a video link of how to unleash the very best KODI experience using BlueSteelTV Installer. This KODI program add-on will enable you to set your KODI Android TV box up with all the best add-ons, skins and repos. BlueSteelTV Installer even includes some add-on fixes that other users will have to install manually. Within minutes your Android TV box will set-up, professionally custom configured and you will have all your favourite add-ons. The BlueSteelTV Installer includes add-on to watch movies, live television, TV shows, sports and more. This is a new box and Lollipop 5.1 has been out a while but may have some updates, etc.